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Scrapstore membership fees and conditions

The ScrapStore offers the following membership categories. Fees are charged annually

----------------  CATEGORY---------------   - FEE -  ------- ENTITLEMENT IN TROLLEY LOADS ---------statutory/community groups                   £50      up to 15 loads included in the membership fee

voluntary/home educators/childminder     £22      up to 10 loads included in the membership fee

family                                                   £10      first load free then £5 per load thereafter

student                                                 £7        £6 per mixed load (for unmixed loads see below)

commercial artist                                   £12       £7 per mixed load (for unmixed loads see below)

  • unmixed loads may have a restriction on the numbers of a particular item which can be included in the load. An unmixed load may also carry an additional charge : this will be decided at the time by the Centre Coordinator, who will take into account stock levels, availability, and demand. Unmixed loads are available only to Student and Commercial artist categorie​s
  • some items in the ScrapStore carry a small additional charge
  • for some items there are limits to the number which may be taken