Our Paint Store volunteer Dennis has a wealth of knowledge about the large range of available paints and their different applications. He will be happy to give you advice on paint in particular, and on decorating matters in general. Dennis also manages a small varied stock of other decorating materials such as paintbrushes.​

The UK-wide Community RePaint scheme is managed in Derby by the Centre in cooperation with Derby City Council. Surplus paint can be donated to the scheme by leaving it in the container at the Raynesway Civic Amenity Site. The scheme is managed nationally by resourcefutures.

​To use the scheme you must complete a registration form, sign a disclaimer, and pay a one-time registration fee of £3. A donation of £2 per litre is required for most paint: donations for specialist paints may be higher. All requested donations are subject to change. Every litre of paint you obtain from this scheme would otherwise go to landfill, so whatever colour you choose it's GREEN!

The scheme was created to help community groups and people who are on low incomes, or who are in receipt of benefits. It is not intended to be used by business men, landlords, or tradesmen looking to maximise their profits from the scheme.

We have a range of colours and types of paint, and will do our best to meet your needs, but bear in mind that our stock depends entirely on what is donated to the scheme. We may not have the colour or type you want.

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